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Curious to learn more about my grant writing services?


Here’s a few highlights on accomplishments I’ve achieved as a Grant Writer:

  • Designed, launched, and manage several Municipal Façade Grant Funded programs that have created over a Quarter-Million dollars of private matching investments back into their communities
  • Awarded and managed over $15million in Local, State, and Federally funded grants for clients
  • As a previous Nonprofit Executive, I understand the importance of leveraging donations, fundraising, and other funding sources into grant applications
  • With my construction background I am able to serve as a Project Leader on larger scale projects

If focusing on grants has been something you’ve thought about, but have been concerned about the extra workload, then we should talk. 
It all begins with our discovery call where we discuss what you’re looking for, what projects you have in the pipeline, and what you’re looking to accomplish in the future. Discovery calls are always free, so what do you have to lose?

Hey there! Are you a nonprofit or a municipal leader feeling unsure about whether to hire a grant writer for your organization? We totally get it – it’s a tricky decision! Maybe you’re considering using a volunteer or giving the task to an already-busy staff member. Or maybe you’ve tried hiring a grant writer before, but it didn’t quite work out. The thing is, grant writing is tough stuff! Without the right experience and knowledge of different grant styles, it can be a real challenge to secure funding. Lucky for you, though, that’s where I come in! I specialize in providing professional grant writing services that can really make a difference for your organization. I am passionate about helping you achieve your mission, and I’ve got the skills and dedication to help you do it right. So why not take advantage of my expertise and let me help you unlock new opportunities for your nonprofit or municipality? Let’s do this!

Seeking reassurance in your decision? You’ll find peace of mind knowing that as a member of the Grant Professionals Association, I am unwaveringly committed to their strict code of ethics. This code underlines our dedication to transparency, integrity, and accountability in all our grant writing endeavors. It means that when you choose our services, you’re not just getting a grant writer; you’re gaining a partner who upholds the highest ethical standards in the industry. Your organization’s success and reputation are of paramount importance to us, and we take pride in our commitment to ensuring your grant-seeking efforts are conducted with the utmost professionalism and ethical conduct. Make a wise choice for your nonprofit or municipality by choosing a grant writer who values ethics as much as results. You can learn more about the Code of Ethics I hold myself to HERE.