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About Me


how I became the red lips mentor…


I began as a Certified Small Business Mentor focusing on helping start-ups launch and navigate their way through entrepreneurship. Part of that role included teaching entrepreneurs how to run their businesses effectively. 


The more I taught the more I was sought after to “join their team” rather than just educate. But as someone who was also bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, I didn’t want to work for someone else so I put my business knowledge to work and found a way to provide support to other business owners.

hey there

i’m kathyrn



During my mentoring I developed my system, LIPS, to help other focus on the key areas of business. My LIPS system consists of Leadership, Imagination, Passion, & Strategy.


If Leadership is planning how to succeed, your business won’t grow.

If you’re not inspiring the Imagination of your customers to use your products and services, you won’t have a reliable customer base.

If your Passion doesn’t come through telling people why they should support your business, what then?

And if you don’t have a Strategy, then how are you going to get shit done?

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a few fun facts

about me

I’m a retired (never went professional) ballet dancer.

22 years 🩰

Cooking is my favorite hobby

I say I’m the boss, but really it’s my rescue cat, Meowly 🐾

I’m a recovering Yes-aholic! I get the fomo struggle…

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I’d love to work with you! But that first step has to be made by you. Let’s setup a time to chat!